Summary, Implications, and Recommendations

Chapters 5 and 6 presented the survey study and the case study on motivational regulation in FL learning. This chapter provides a summary of the major findings, discusses the implications of these results from theoretical, practical, and methodological perspectives, and suggests some directions for future research.

Major Findings of the Study

The present study explored the motivational regulation in the framework of self-regulated language learning among Chinese EFL college students. Broadly the study explores whether and how Chinese college students regulate their motivation in EFL learning and the impact of motivational regulation on the FL learning process and achievement. Specifically, the present study addressed: the types of strategies Chinese college students used to regulate their motivation in English learning; the overall patterns in using the motivational regulation strategies; the differences in using motivational regulation strategies in terms of the students’ gender and specialty; the differences in using motivational-regulation strategies between students with different English proficiencies; and the relations between motivational regulation and motivational beliefs, language learning strategies and English achievement. The major findings of the study are summarized in the following section.

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K. Li, Motivational Regulation in Foreign Language Learning, DOI 10.1057/978-1-349-93118-7_7

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