Students must work diligently

Not surprisingly, the six teachers experience that students need to must work diligently, which means memorising content. P31 maintains,

'Really, if you want to be good in language learning you need hard work' (117). P21 likewise stated that 'First, before I teach them anything, I ask them to recite the text, to remember [memorize] the text. I find it very ... very beneficial' (76). P5 asserts the necessity of memorisation of class materials in order to build a knowledge base for communication. 'If you cannot even tell what's happening in the text, you cannot memorize that, how can you possibly ... creatively, speaking on your own?' (51). And P1 insists on pre-class preparation for her students:

Like before the class students should get ready, you already started. That means, ummm ... in class, right? In class, you know something. It's you should already know; you maybe understand already. But, that doesn't mean you are ready to use it. Basically, before class students should get ready, already study vocabulary, read the text, to know what it is about. (54)

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