Students are changing in China

Finally, I have already mentioned the perception of change noted by these Chinese teachers. While the US-side teachers talk about the change of the overall situation in China, China-side teachers experience students as those who are changing as a group. They are becoming less cognizant of the teachers' ascribed authority as various factors work to undermine it. For example, P25 described students who resisted the use of outside materials. 'They don't have to be - they don't have to follow the teachers, yeah, any time. They have their own ideas: how to learn English, what is the most important for them' (242). Moreover, P41 finds his students to have more experience in various ways - access to L2 materials, wider life experiences - and in need of new kinds of teaching. Undergraduate students have received a great deal of teaching in English, and many of them also have experience tutoring, an acceptable form of employment for college students. So they need something different: not just a deeper knowledge base, but practice in using that knowledge. In other words, students are more interested in skill training than simply in linguistic content.

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