ICT Professionals and the Work Process

The chapter looks in detail at the lack of control over the work process, identified by Marx as directly contributing to alienated labour. Other aspects, such as lack of control over the outcomes of labour, alienation from the other, and alienated from one’s self, could have been covered but neither time nor space is available here for such an extended discussion.

Control of the Work Process

This section proceeds by looking at the manner in which work is allocated within the company, and is followed by an examination of the way in which the work process is organised. As part of this discussion, reference will be made to the impact the current economic crisis has had on the industry and to more recent innovations, such as lean IT, as they apply to the working environment of IT professionals. This discussion relates to Marx’s theory of alienation, and its impact on the dignity of work, since he talks about the control of process as being a critical ele?ment in this condition. It also has relevance for the issues he raises when he refers to the subsumption by capital of the working process.

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