Public Culture, Cultural Identity, Cultural Policy: Comparative Perspectives

l Politics and Patronage Hidden-Hand Culture: The American System of Cultural PatronageThe City of WashingtonThe New DealInterlude: 1943-1965The Great SocietyGeneral ObservationsI. National Approaches to Public Culture The Nature of American CultureJustification for Public InterventionPublic Culture in the USAII: Administration of Cultural PolicyScope of Public ResponsibilityNational Cultural AgenciesStates and LocalitiesState Arts CouncilsLocal Arts AgencyFinancing CultureCoda: The Perils of Hidden-Hand CultureBlockbusters and WarhorsesPublic CultureReferencesExporting Civilization: French Cultural DiplomacySoft Power and Cultural DiplomacyLa Civilization FranaiseThe Paris of Napoleon IIILa Language FrancoisePromoting French Culture Before 1940French Cultural Diplomacy after 1945Defending French and French CivilizationReorganization and ReconceptualizationCoda: Which France Is Exported?ReferencesPatronizing Mega-events to Globalize Identity: The Olympic Opening Ceremony as a Cultural PolicySpectacle and the OlympicsThe 1936 Olympic GamesLos AngelesBeijing Olympics: Modernity and ContinuitySummary: Spectacle, Politics, OlympicsReferencesII Ideology and IdentityColoniality: The Cultural Policy of Post-colonialismCultural Reassertion: Mexico after the 1920 RevolutionCultural Restatement: CanadaCultural Reconstruction: South AfricaCultural Referendum: UkraineCoda: Imperialism and the OtherReferencesInternal Coloniality: Cultural Regions and the Politics of NationalismWhat Is a Cultural Region?Quebec: From Survivance to MondialisationPuerto Rico: Culture ConstructedScotland: Culture RenewedCatalonia: Cultural ResistanceCoda: Region or CountryReferencesAcadiana and the Cajun Cultural Space: Adaptation, Accommodation, and AuthenticityThe Uniqueness of the Louisiana CajunsAcadiana—The Cajun Homeland in LouisianaThe Defining EventThe Defining MythCajun and CajunnessCajun Folk HeritageFestivalsMardi GrasCajun CuisineCajun MusicThe Cajun PatrimonyCoda: The King CakeReferencesAfterword: Configuring Cultural PolicyCultural PolaritiesCultural DarwinismThe Future of Cultural Policy
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