Counseling is a growing and exciting profession. We are uniquely and distinctly different from all the other helping professions and serve as part of an overall team of mental health professionals. We have our own unique identity and have worked hard to be recognized for who we are and what we do. No longer are we viewed as an extension of other professions or not having our own identity. We are leaders in the mental health field who bring a unique perspective of wellness to the lives of all the people we serve in our communities. With the quality assurance mechanism of CACREP accreditation, counselors are able to demonstrate the legitimacy and excellence of counselor training and continue to gain the recognition as significant helping professionals. We hope that the information you have found here is helpful and will guide you in your decision to become a professional counselor. Your knowledge and understanding of professional counseling will continue to expand as you move onto the next section of this book and begin self-reflecting on personal and practical considerations related to graduate counseling programs.

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