SECTION II Graduate Programs in Counseling— Personal and Practical Considerations

Now that you have a general overview of the counseling profession, section II will guide you to the more specific, individual aspects of becoming a counselor. The first two chapters in this section are intentionally self-reflective. We encourage you to take the time to sit with chapters 5 and 6 more interactively than perhaps some of the other chapters in the book. A big part of becoming a counselor, and indeed entering graduate study in the field, is getting to know yourself, what you can expect, and what this career path will mean in all aspects of your life.

In the final two chapters of this section you will hear from expert counselors and counselor educators about the personal and practical considerations of deciding to become a professional counselor, comparing programs, applying to graduate school, and expectations of graduate counseling programs. You will hear insights and perspectives from current students and recent graduates about the application and interview process as well as the experience of being a graduate counseling student and the resulting personal and professional growth you can expect.

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