On Becoming a Counselor—Self-Reflecting

So you want to be a counselor. Tell me more. This "tell me more” approach is commonly used in a counseling session and is designed to help the client/consumer/student more fully elaborate on an issue that brought him or her to counseling. At first sight it may seem that the counselor wants to learn more about the individual, and this of course is foundational to developing a therapeutic relationship. The larger purpose, in fact, is to engage the individual in a process of self-reflection. As a prospective counselor yourself, it is important for you to engage in this self-reflective process for several reasons.

Think of us as your personal career counselors as you read this chapter and engage in your own exploration of counseling as a future career. We will begin with an overview of self-reflection and guide you through this process with activities and questions designed to help you clarify your career choice, as well as hone in on your preferred counseling specialty area when you are ready to apply to graduate counseling programs.

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