Now that your self-reflection running shoes are laced, it’s time to hit the road! In this section we will introduce activities to you with the hope that you will begin to reflect on yourself and how this fits with your professional goals as well as the process of selecting and entering a graduate counseling program. We hope you will enter this section of the book very intentionally and with enough time to really engage in the activities. You might want to carve out some time outside of your reading to tackle the exercises. Treat this section as a workbook of sorts. You need not do the activities all at once; in fact, much like running, we recommend that you do a little at a time to be ready for the big race. Take the activities one at a time to really process what you are discovering about yourself. When you are ready to move on to chapter 6, keep your revelations from these activities at hand. We think they will help you to make more informed and reasoned decisions about exploring graduate counseling programs and ultimately choosing your perfect fit.

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