This initial self-reflection activity is designed to help you explore some of your personal characteristics, preferences, values, strengths, and challenges. Use the lines provided to jot down your responses, or grab a notepad if you need more space to write. Be sure to write your answers down and keep them so that you can revisit this activity and see how your responses may change as time passes and you continue to grow and expand your personal knowledge and self-awareness.

  • 1) Describe who you are as a student. What are your strengths, challenges, levels of discipline, and study habits?
  • 2) Describe yourself as a friend. Consider your strengths, challenges, enjoyment, rewards, priorities, and important people/relationships involved.
  • 3) Take a moment to think about your current lifestyle. Describe your perfect day, week, and/or month. What are you doing, and who is with you?
  • 4) What is most important to you in life? What is necessary to maintain your current lifestyle? What might be getting in the way of your desired lifestyle?
  • 5) What is important to you in your work? Think about the people around you, the purpose and end results of the work. What are some of your biggest motivators?
  • 6) Where do you stand on education? What value do you place on formal education and degrees? How are these values shared or supported by the significant people in your life?
  • 7) Comment on your work ethic. Would you describe yourself as someone who does just enough to get the job done so that you can do other things, or is it more important for you to put in the work for the sake of the purpose of the job and focus on leisure activities later? (Think about how you would approach a time-intensive project.) How does your work ethic fit with your ideal work-life balance?
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