TCM Databases

here, I introduce the following six TCM databases: (1) Chem-TCM (Chemical Database of Traditional Chinese Medicine);12 (2) hit (Linking herbal active Ingredients to Targets);13 (3) TCMsp (Traditional Chinese Medicine systems pharmacology Database and analysis platform);14 (4) TCMGeneDIT (a database for associated TCM, gene and disease information using text mining);15

(5) TCMID (Traditional Chinese Medicine Integrative Database for herb molecular mechanism analysis);16 and (6) TTD (Therapeutic Target Database).17

Chem-TCM (Chemical Database of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Chem-TCM12 was launched in October 2011 by researchers at King’s College London in collaboration with the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica. This database lists 12 070 chemical records, constituents of approximately 350 herbs used in TCM. There are >9500 unique molecular records adjusted for overlapping presence in multiple plants and different stereochemistry.12 Chem-TCM contains four parts: chemical information, botanical information, Western therapeutic targets, and assessment of molecular activity according to 26 TCM categories (Table 10.2).

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