TCMGeneDIT (A Database for Associated TCM, Gene and Disease Information Using Text Mining}

TCMGeneDIT is a database system providing association information about TCM, genes, diseases, TCM effects, and TCM ingredients automatically mined from vast amount of biomedical literature.15 Integrated protein- protein interaction and biological pathways information collected from public databases are also available.15 In addition, the transitive relationships among genes, TCMs, and diseases could be inferred through the shared intermediates. Furthermore, TCMGeneDIT is useful in deducing possible synergistic or antagonistic contributions of the prescription components to the overall therapeutic effects. TCMGeneDIT is a unique database of various association information about TCMs. The database integrates TCMs with life sciences and biomedical studies facilitates modern clinical research and the understanding of therapeutic mechanisms of TCMs and gene regulations.

The homepage ( of TCMGeneDIT is shown in Figure 10.4A. Information can be searched by TCMs and genes, diseases or TCM effects. For example, inputting “Radix Glycyr- rhizae” as the query in TCM, produces the search result shown in Figure 10.4B. Further information may be obtained about the ingredients, and putative relationships between TCM effects and sources extracted from the literature.

(A) The homepage of TCMSP, (B) search results and (C) the ingredients

Figure 10.2 (A) The homepage of TCMSP, (B) search results and (C) the ingredients,

related targets and related diseases of Radix Glycyrrhizae.

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