Databases for CDCL Information and Study

Several databases are used to link TCM with Western therapeutics following methods that include identification of TCM herb and formulae usage in certain diseases and conditions, identifying the most important active constituents (phytochemicals), Western therapeutics used in the same diseases, disease pathway analyses, drug and/or herb target identification, and potential interactions. several of these information sources are highlighted below.

TCM and Chemical Constituents

  • • Traditional Chinese Medicine Database@Taiwan9 contains information on medicinal herbs and chemical constituents, including 3D-structures of chemicals which can be used for structural docking.
  • • TCMID (traditional Chinese Medicine Integrated Database)10—con- tains information on herbs, formulae, chemical ingredients, drug targets and/or disease genes/proteins.
  • • TCMgeneDIT11—a database system about TCM, genes, diseases, TCM effects, and TCM ingredients.
  • • HerbMed12—a database provided by Alternative Medicine Foundation, Inc. The herbal information is categorized and is evidence-based. open access is limited.
  • • Dr Duke’s phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases13—informa- tion on chemical constituents.
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