TCM Classification and Systems Approach

  • • Chem-TCM14—Based on the publication by Ehrman et al. ,15 Chem-TCM is a database of chemical constituents of plants used in TCM with the following parts: chemical identification, botanical identification, predicted activity against common Western therapeutic targets, and estimated molecular activity according to TCM categories. The goal is to connect Chinese and Western medicines on a molecular level. The database lists predicted activities in 41 therapeutically significant targets in Western medicine.
  • • TCMSP (Traditional Chinese Medicine Systems Pharmacology) Database and Analysis Platform.16 The TCMSP database includes herbs, chemical ingredients with structure files and absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) properties, and compound-target- disease network generation. TCMSP is a platform for combining TCM theory, new TCM combination development, active component identification and screening, and systems pharmacology analyses.
  • • TCM-ID The Traditional Chinese Medicine Information Database is referenced in several publications, however it’s use is currently unavailable. It provided information on TCM formulations, herbal compositions, chemical compositions, molecular structures and functional properties, therapeutic and side effects, clinical indications and applications, and links to relevant information.

Evidence for pharmacological activity in these databases includes predictive, in vitro, animal based results, publications with human subjects, and in some cases, results from controlled clinical trials.

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