Western Therapeutics

• DrugBank1819—a unique bioinformatics and chemoinformatics resource that combines detailed drug data with comprehensive target information.

Therapeutic Targets and Protein Interactions

  • • SuperTarget20^1—an extensive web resource for analyzing >300 000 drug-target interactions.
  • • TTD (Therapeutic Target Database)2223—provides information about known and explored therapeutic protein and nucleic acid targets, the target-related disease, pathway information, and corresponding drugs targeted at each target.
  • • Matador24—resource for protein-chemical interactions, including both direct and indirect interactions.
  • • PDTD (Potential Drug Target Database)2526—associates an informatics database to a structural database of known and potential drug targets, focusing on drug targets with known 3D structures.
  • • TRMP (Therapeutically Relevant Multiple Pathways)27^8—a database that integrates information on therapeutic targets and disease-associated signaling pathways.
  • • STITCH (Search Tool for Interactions of Chemicals)29"10—a tool that integrates interactions of proteins and chemicals from different databases.
  • • HIT (Herbal Ingredients’ Targets) Database31"32—a comprehensive and fully curated database linking protein targets and active herbal ingredients.

Pathway Analysis

• KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes) and KEGG Pathway Database—a collection of manually drawn pathway maps on the molecular interaction and reaction networks for metabolism, genetic information processing, environmental information processing, cellular processes, organismal systems, human diseases, and drug development. There is also a direct link and searching capability for medicinal herbs.33

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