Lethal spots, vital secrets : medicine and martial arts in South India

Some Vital Spots of This StudyThemes of the Study, State of Research, and Data UsedGeographical Setting: KanyakumariSocial SettingExperiencing the Vital Spots, or How to Learn a Secret PracticeExperience and FieldworkVital Manifestations. MARMAN, MARMMAM, AND VARMAM SPOTSPremodern Textual References and Classical Ayurveda Vedic and Sanskrit Textual ReferencesVital Spots in the Ayurvedic TreatisesTherapeutic Concepts of Marman SpotsVital Spots in Yoga TraditionsVital Spots, Manual Therapies, and the Martial Arts in South AsiaVital Spots in Martial Arts and in Medical Treatment in KeralaThe Vital Spots in Tamil South IndiaVital Spots and the Relationship between Siddha Medicine and AyurvedaSiddha Medicine and the SiddharsThe Emergence of Siddha MedicineConclusionThe Vital Spots. HETEROGENEOUS THEORIES, CONSISTENT TRADITIONSSiddha Theory and the Vital SpotsVital Spots, Time, and Astrological ConceptsThe Vital Spots: Classification and ConfusionAnatomico-Regional ClassificationHumoral ClassificationPrognostic ClassificationNumbers, Names, and DiscrepanciesHealing SpotsWhat's in a Name (andNumber)?Conclusion: Ambiguity and Heterogeneity of VarmakkalaiDispensary and Training Ground. MEDICINE AND MARTIAL ARTS INTERTWINEDDispensary and Training Ground: Interrelated SpheresInside the Vital Spot DispensaryInside the Vital Spot Training GroundRitual inside the Training GroundLearning the Vital SpotsProgressing Physically in the Study of the Vital SpotsProgressing Mentally in the Study of the Vital SpotsMedicine and Martial Arts IntertwinedThe Vital Spots in Therapy and Martial TrainingThe Healing and the Harming TouchForce and TimingTime LimitsConclusionHealing the Hidden. SOMATIC MODES OF ATTENDING TO BODIESA Vital Spot AfflictedVital Spot Trauma, Causes, and ConsequencesTherapeutic Practices in the Vital Spot DispensaryHealing the HiddenRadiography and Invisible SpotsTracing the Secret: Palpating and Measuring Vital SpotsSigns of VarmamCurable or IncurableSigns of DeathNaming the Secret: Vital Spots and Biomedical TerminologiesHealing the Vital SpotsEmergency TreatmentVital Spot MassageA Somatic Mode of Attending to Ailing BodiesWhen Not to TreatConclusionVirtue and Liability. THE VITAL SPOTS BETWEEN CONCEALMENT AND REVELATION “Varmam Means SecretConcealment of the Vital SpotsThe Hidden Practice: Concealing Treatment and Martial ActivitiesConcealing Knowledge Toward StudentsThe Virtue of SecrecyPerceiving the SecretThe Secret on Display: Performing and Transgressing SecrecyPublishing the Vital SpotsAnaesthetizing a Chicken: Live Demonstrations of the Vital Spots“These Boys Only Learn Cilampam”: A Martial Arts TournamentSecrecy as LiabilitySecrecy as CapitalConclusionEmbodying Secrecy. A MORAL ECONOMY OF LEARNING AND THE TRANSMISSION OF TACIT KNOWLEDGEKnowledge Transmission as Moral Economy and as Embodied LearningHereditary Transmission of KnowledgeText and ContextMeaningful NamesExperiencing the Vital SpotsKnowledge, Skill, and Lucky HandsGrasping the Vital SpotsLearning by Touching: Nonverbal Vital Spot InstructionIntricacies of a Learning RelationshipCarefully Choose, Test, and ConcealA Moral Economy of Knowledge Transmission“Treat without Arrogance, Thinking of Your Guru”For the Knowledge to StandTacit Knowledge and Moral Economies of LearningConclusionEpilogue. FROM TACTILITY TO TEXTUALITY, FROM KANYAKUMARI TO THE WORLDInto the Siddha Curriculum?Transmitting, Translating, and Transnationalizing VarmamPublicizing and Globalizing the Vital SpotsTranslating the Vital SpotsNetworks of Vital Spot Promotion and RegulationLost in Translation? Vital Spot Martial ArtsSome Concluding ReflectionsBibliography
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