Critical Race Theory and Education: A Marxist Response

Some Early Personal Experiences of Racist BritainA First Encounter with and an Ongoing Interest in Marxist Analyses of RacismOutline of the BookNotesReferencesCritical Race Theory: Origins and VarietiesThe Voice of the OtherPostmodernismTransmodernismCritical Legal StudiesCritical Race Theory: The BeginningsCRT: Identity-Specific VarietiesLatCrit and Black ExceptionalismAsian American JurisprudenceNative JurisprudenceMaterialist and Idealist CRTNotesReferencesWhite Supremacy and Racism; Social Class and RacializationDirecting Attention Away from Modes of ProductionThe Homogenization of All White PeopleNon-colour-coded RacismAnti-Gypsy, Roma and Traveller RacismIslamophobiaXeno-racismWhite Supremacy as a Unifier and Political Rallying PointWhat We BelieveThe Salience of Social ClassDelgado and Going Back to ClassRacism and MarxismRacism DefinedRacializationRacialization and the British EmpireThe New Racial Domain in the USXeno-racializationNotesReferencesThe Strengths of CRTThe Importance of VoiceThe Concept of ChronicleThe All-Pervasive Existence of Racism in the WorldInterest Convergence TheoryContradiction-Closing CasesThe Stephen Lawrence CaseThe Case of Barack ObamaTranspositionCRT and the Law in the USNotesReferencesMulticultural and Antiracist Education in the US and the UKTraditional Forms of Multiculturalism in the USConservative MulticulturalismLiberal MulticulturalismLeft-Liberal MulticulturalismCritical and Resistant MulticulturalismCRT and a Rights-Based DiscourseRevolutionary MulticulturalismMulticultural Education and Antiracist Education in the UKNotesReferencesCRT Comes to the UK: A Critical Analysis of David Gillborn’s Racism and EducationOn MarxistsOn Marx and SlaveryOn Marx and ‘Species Essence’On ‘White Powerholders’On Racist Inequalities in the UK Education SystemOn Education PolicyOn AbilityOn Institutional RacismOn ‘Model Minorities’On Whiteness and Free SpeechOn ConspiracyNotesReferencesNeoliberal Global Capitalism and Imperialism in the Twenty-First CenturyCapitalismGlobalizationNeoliberalismGlobalization and Global Environmental DestructionGlobalisation and the US EmpireEnfraudening and Enantiomorphism: A Transmodern PerspectiveA Postmodern FantasyTransmodern ‘Narcissism’ or Racializing the Other: A Marxist AnalysisThe Occupation of Iraq Five Years OnNotesReferencesMarxism and Twenty-First Century SocialismCommon Objections to Marxism and a Marxist ResponseMarxism Is Contrary to Human Nature Because We Are All Basically Selfish and Greedy and CompetitiveSome People Are Naturally Lazy and Won’t WorkWhy Shouldn’t Those Who Have Worked Hard Get More Benefits in Life?Marxism Can’t Work Because It Always Leads to TotalitarianismSomeone Will Always Want to Be 'Boss’ and There Will Always Be Natural'Leaders’ and 'Followers’Someone Has to Do the Drudge Jobs, and How Could that Be Sorted Out in a Socialist WorldSocialism Means a Lower Standard of Life for AllSocialism Will Be Dull, Dreary and Uniform and We Will All Have Less ChoiceA Social Revolution Will Necessarily Involve Violence and Death on a Massive ScaleThe Working Class Won’t Create the Revolution Because They Are ReactionaryMarxists Just Wait for the Revolution Rather than Address the Issues of the Here and NowMarxism Is a Nice Idea, but It Will Never Happen (for Some of the Reasons Headlined Above)Ok, Show Me where Marxism Works in PracticeThe Bolivarian RevolutionThe misionesMarxism and the Venezuelan StateAntiracism in PracticeNotesReferencesCRT and Marxism: Some Suggestions for Classroom PracticeSome Areas of AgreementPreston’s Classroom Pedagogies: A CRT StrategySome Suggestions for Classroom Practice, Based on MarxismAntiracist Multicultural EducationThe Reintroduction of the Teaching of ImperialismsThe Last Taboo: The Teaching of Democratic Socialism in SchoolsEcosocialismCommunities, Values and JusticeLinking Up with the CommunityThe UK National CurriculumThe Global GatewayEvery Child MattersNotesReferencesThe Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.Classism or Marxism and Democratic Socialism?A Realignment of CLS and CRT Informed by Marxism?NotesReferencesPostscript
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