Critical Race Theory: Origins and Varieties

In this first chapter, I begin by briefly tracing the relationship between postmodernism, transmodernism and Critical Race Theory (CRT) with respect to the voices of the Other. I go on to examine CRT’s historical origins in Critical Legal Studies (CLS) noting how CRT was in part a response to the perception that CLS analyses were too class-based and underestimated ‘race’, which for Critical Race Theorists is the major form of oppression in society. I conclude by underlining the pivotal relationship between CRT and the law by outlining a pioneering article by two of CRT’s most influential writers in the field of education.

The Voice of the Other

Postmodernism, transmodernism and Critical Race Theory all share a concern with the concept of the Voice of the Other. However, whereas postmodernism stresses multivocality, and transmodernism, the Voice of ‘suffering Others’, Critical Race Theory, as we shall see, prioritises the Voice of people of color.

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