A Realignment of CLS and CRT Informed by Marxism?

In chapter 2, I outlined the central tenets of Critical Legal Studies, pointing out its location in economic and social class analyses, and indicated its essentially socialist credentials. I also recounted the break from CLS of CRT, primarily because of this emphasis, but also because a number of people of color needed a voice, hitherto not available, to bring ‘race’ firmly to the center of analysis. In the twenty-first century, CRT is now firmly established, while CLS has essentially disbanded. In chapter 3, I pointed out that Richard Delgado had argued for the importance of social class some five years ago. Perhaps a re-alignment of CLS and CRT might be worth considering as a fruitful partnership in the important, indeed crucial, tasks that lie ahead for all progressive people, a partnership which, as I stressed in chapter 3, would need to centralize capitalism and capitalist social relations. I would like to appeal to Critical Race Theorists and Critical Legal Studies scholars to join me in productive antiracist dialogue in order to see if we can agree how to move theory and action (praxis) forward.

On a more societal level, can we return to Duncan Kennedy’s strategy, outlined in chapter 2, of building an inclusive mass movement for the radical transformation of American Society?

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