Value Addition to E-Transitions

STEM professionals and leaders should seek to apply web-based technologies to improve efficiency; develop mass customization ("build-to-order") systems—using design, production, logistics, and service—to strengthen corporate competitiveness; and transform other corporate functions to add business values. Creating operational excellence should also be a high-priority activity with which to add value.

Customer and Knowledge

The management of customers, knowledge, and connections is of critical importance.

STEM professionals should contribute in the following areas:

  • 1. Relationship management: CRM involves analyzing data generated by call centers and other sources and devising programs to foster relationships with customers.
  • 2. Connectivity creation: Connectivity development, maintenance between business partners (e.g., suppliers, alliance partners, employees, and customers), and content management (e.g., software selection, hardware specification, system design, interface design, quality assurance, and control of proprietary information) are essential.
  • 3. Knowledge management: STEM professionals are reminded that "It is not who you know. It is what who you know knows." How can your knowledge and theirs be combined to create new win-win opportunities?
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