• 1. Countries, such as Bulgaria (60 per cent), Georgia (57 per cent), Russia (62 per cent), Ukraine (74 per cent) and Moldavia (69 per cent), together with the Philippines (72 per cent) constitute the main sources of feminine migration in Greece.
  • 2. “Thema” is called the diocese or the metropolis according to the Byzantine terminology.
  • 3. Except the Armenian Apostolic Church, the foundation of which originated in the fourth century, the newest missionaries’ interventions on behalf of Western Missions have created a schism in the ancient Church. Consequently, it has created the Armenian Catholic Church, ecclesiastically related with Rome and various Protestant Churches, such as the Armenian Evangelical Church.
  • 4. The Armenian National Constitution is a kind of internal rule of function of the Armenian community coded by the Sultan at the decade of 1863 to the Armenian community as well as to all religious minorities of this era.
  • 5. A memorial of the humanitarian activity of that period is the stone Armenian cross which was posed by the Armenian community on October 9, 1994 in honour of the city of Thessaloniki at Tsimiski and Theotoka streets (opposite the YMCA).
  • 6. Gioula Kassapian, interview, July 4, 2014.
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