Feeling Gender: A Generational and Psychosocial Approach

Feelings and the Social Transformation of GenderFeelings as SocialGender Relations in a Process of ChangeGender Contracts and AgencyGenerational Transition and TransmissionGenerational Patterns as Normative CreationsChanging the Norm from WithinThe Structure of the BookFeelings of GenderFeelings as Socially PatternedSocialisation and DesireFeelings and RelationsGender and FeelingsTemporality in TheoriesTemporality in MethodsThe Study and the SampleAnalysing PatternsComparing GenerationsNarratives in TimeReading FeelingsReading GenerationsChanging ContextsFamily Forms: Equality, Difference and Individual RightsImproved Living Standards, Social Security, Class and EducationGender Equality: Policy and PracticeYouth, Gender and ModernityBorn around The First World War: Refining Gender ComplementarityIdealisation and AmbivalenceSons: Respected Fathers and Invisible MothersDaughters: Strict Mothers, Kind Fathers(Female) Bodies and (Male) SexualityAsymmetries or Irregularities in the Gender Order?Refining Gender ComplementarityJustice versus EquityBorn around the Second World War: Struggling with Gender EqualityAnger, Distance and ClosenessSons: Distant Fathers, Close MothersDaughters: Weak Mothers, Rational FathersSexualising the BodyGender as Power or a Fact of Life?The Battle of Gender EqualityEquality versus DifferenceBorn in the Welfare Society: Individualising GenderRespect: Identification with Parents as IndividualsSons: Fathers as Doers, Mothers as TalkersDaughters: Responsible Mothers, Warm FathersGendering Bodies and Degendering SexualityIndividuality and GenderStriving for Work-Family BalanceFreedom versus EqualityCalibrating Time and PlaceLife at 40Made in Scandinavia?Psychosocial Changes and Continuities in GenderThe Changing Psychological World of the MenFathers and SonsMothers and SonsBodies and Sexuality in AdolescenceChanging Patterns in Gender Identities and Gendered Subjectivities in the MenThe Changing Psychological World of the WomenMothers and DaughtersFathers and DaughtersBodies and Sexuality in AdolescenceChanging Patterns in Gender Identities and Gendered Subjectivities in the WomenEvolving Psychoanalytic Theories of Gender and HeterosexualityThe Oedipal Model: Love or IdentificationThe Gender Identity Model: Autonomy versus IntimacyThe Gender Ambiguity Model: Sameness and DifferenceGenerational Psychological PositionsThe Bedrocks of Gender?Gendering, Degendering, RegenderingEmotional LinksPolitical LinksGender Links
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