Healthy people and healthy and safe communities promote the strength and security of urban, suburban, and rural areas; states; provinces; regions; and nations. This is a programmatic book which helps explain the complexity of various environments and ecosystems and the interaction of various environmental factors as they relate to people and the environment. This book provides background information in each of the environmental areas and promotes prevention of environmental factors that lead to disease, injury, and improper modifications and/or destruction of ecosystems.

This book provides information on techniques of mitigation of contaminants, as well as containment of substances in situations that endanger the community and its citizens. Prevention, mitigation, and containment are based on accurate available data, sound scientific principles, excellent environmental practices, and education. The necessary laws, rules, and regulations to control environmental hazards which are substantial in size or when mitigation or containment cannot be achieved on a voluntary basis are part of this book.

Actual programs of prevention and control, the scope of the problem, and the sub-problems in air, water, solid and hazardous waste, infection control, food, and so on are explored and the practical learned experiences of experts in their specialized fields are shared with the reader. Often Best Practices and underlying data which have been presented may be studied in greater depth by selecting the title of a specific endnote, placing it in a search box, and then bringing up the document for review. This may work for published documents but not necessarily for information which is published solely on the Internet because updates are frequent and prior material typically is discarded. Also it may be very useful to review the material from the Special Resources section as well as the Successful Programs section and explore the biographical references at the end of each chapter. An in-depth index is provided for the individuals who want to rapidly access information about a given item.

This book brings together the concerns of all professionals in environmental health as well as environmental protection and others interested in a vast variety of biological, physical, and chemical contaminants. This book also helps professionals, students, and professors, civic and professional associations, and others in environmental protection, environmental health, safety, and sustainability understand what are the Best Practices and resources needed to have successful environmental programs to counteract environmental degradation, disease, and injury. This information may be enhanced qualitatively and quantitatively by reading the sections on endnotes, special resources, and the bibliography.

This book will save an enormous amount of time and money for the reader by providing a single source for the study and understanding of these contaminants and how to prevent, control, and mitigate their effects.

The size of this preface is unusually large because the scope of the problems and programs in the various topic areas of the environment are numerous, highly diversified, and often inter-related and complex. There may be many potential solutions that are workable. This book will present those solutions that seem to be most effective.

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