This book is not only a response to the environmental movement but also a partial response to the vision, mission, and goals of Healthy People 2020 and into the future.

The vision is of a society in which all people have the opportunity to live long and healthy lives. The mission statement identifies the need to establish health priorities; help the public better understand the underlying factors which contribute to health, disease, and disability; provide measurable objectives and goals; involve various groups in improving programs through Best Practices; and establish the specific needs for research, data collection, and evaluation.

The overarching goals are:

  • • Eliminate preventable disease, disability, injury, and premature death.
  • • Achieve health equity, eliminate disparities, and improve the health of all groups.
  • • Create social and physical environments that promote good health for all.
  • • Promote healthy development and healthy behaviors across every stage of life. (See endnote 1.)

The overall concept of Healthy People 2020 which flows through the overarching goals is that important actions can be taken much of the time to promote and preserve health and to minimize the amount and consequences of disease and injury.

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