Agenda 21 Report, June 1992

Section I of the Agenda 21 report contained discussions on sustainable development in developing countries, poverty, consumption patterns, demographic dynamics, protecting and promoting human health, promoting sustainable human settlements, and integrating the environment into development decisions. The inter-relationship between the health and safety of people and the protection of the environment and how to meet each need while developing land and resources is apparent from the topics covered.

Section II reviewed ways of protecting the air, land, water, fragile ecosystems, and sustainable agriculture. It also provided discussions on environmentally sound management of toxic chemicals, trafficking in illegal international toxic and dangerous products, hazardous wastes, solid wastes, sewage related issues, and radioactive wastes.

Section III discussed the involvement of women, children, and youth in sustainable development, the role of indigenous peoples, the role of non-governmental organizations acting as partners for sustainable development, the role of workers and trade unions, the role of business and industry, and the role of the scientific and technological community.

Section IV discussed means of implementation. (See endnote 25.)

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