Solutions to the Problem

Although the Best Practices for resolving rodent control problems within a given structure are well known, that is the removal of food and harborage, poisoning, and rodent proofing, the rodent proofing portion was very difficult to carry out in an area so large, so old, so complex, and where most of the properties were owned by absentee landlords and the tenants were very poor. The structures were probably built in the early years of the 20th century and over time had deteriorated substantially. Pipes had burst. Basement walls had started to crumble. Floors had cracked. There were numerous openings to the outside.

It was decided that at best, food and harborage could be removed and a poisoning campaign instituted. It meant that continued surveys and continued maintenance of the individual city block programs would be necessary to keep a new rodent infestation from occurring.

Although some community program work had been done in the City of Baltimore prior to this time, information was not readily available on how to start such a program and therefore a new program had to be built from the very beginning.

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