We live in a society today where our priorities of reducing budgets at the local, state, and federal level and regulatory reform reduces our ability to control environmental factors which may lead to increased sickness and reduction in good health. Environmental pollutants and their interactions, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases (primarily of a zoonotic nature), the potential increase of acute and chronic disease in our mobile, growing, and aging population cannot be wished away, but must be dealt with in an appropriate manner using scientific understanding of the problem and existing knowledge of Best Practices and programs that actually work. That is why this book tries to accumulate and present the recommended Best Practices developed and utilized by working professionals, in all environmental health and environmental protection areas. In addition, information on special resources and additional materials of excellence are provided in endnotes, many of which explain in far greater detail the subject being studied. This book helps eliminate the clutter of overwhelming amounts of information, accurate and inaccurate, and is a repository of knowledge and proven practices which can be used by professionals, students, and civic leaders to prevent disease and injury, and protect and sustain environmental quality.

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