Chromated Copper Arsenic

Chromated copper arsenic is a chemical used in manufacturing wood products to resist decay and rot. The wood products are used for outdoor decking and children’s play sets. The chemical is highly toxic and a human carcinogen. The products are no longer available for homes and other types of uses, however there may be a considerable amount of the products still in use in various parts of the country.

Best Practices for Eliminating Chromated Copper Arsenic

  • • Avoid being exposed to wood products which contain chromated copper arsenic. This is especially important for children.
  • • Where possible replace the chromated copper arsenic products with other types of materials.

Combustion Pollutants

Combustion pollutants may be gases or particles, usually carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and particulates, and are created by burning organic materials in a variety of chambers including furnaces, fireplaces, ranges, and ovens. They are also produced by water heaters and clothing dryers.

Best Practices for Controlling Combustion Pollutants

  • • Use ENERGY STAR equipment, or the equivalent, which has sealed combustion units; use as well vented furnaces, boilers and hot water heaters.
  • • Use clean burning wood stoves and fireplaces certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • • Provide proper ventilation for all appliances and necessary exhaust fans.
  • • Clean all chimneys and other means of exhaust from the appliances on a regular basis to prevent buildup of deposits.
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