Drywall (from China)

Owners of homes from 10 states and the District of Columbia, where drywall from China had been used, have complained about odors similar to rotten eggs, which in fact is a release of volatile sulfur compounds. This has caused copper water lines throughout the house to become corroded. This has also caused serious corrosion within electrical switches, wiring, and other places where copper is used. Further, people have been complaining about problems with asthma, respiratory irritations, breathing problems, eye irritations, and headaches. Various federal agencies including the Centers for Disease Control’s Prevention Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry conducted tests of Chinese drywall and found that sulfur was detected in the Chinese material but not in the American drywall. Also strontium was found at levels considerably higher than in the US drywall. However, one company in the United States has also had the same problems as the Chinese drywall companies.

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