Zoning Ordinances

Any given state has police powers through their constitution to protect the health and safety of the community. This includes the issuing of zoning laws specifying which areas may be utilized to construct a variety of structures, and regulate building density and size. They also determine where land should be utilized for industrial parks, special types of manufacturing, and agricultural, commercial and residential areas. The various specifications for use of different parcels of land can be modified by the Zoning Board. Because of the large number of zoning ordinances based on local circumstances, this subject will not be discussed in a specific manner.

Building and Housing Codes

Building and housing codes are designed to make buildings safe, sanitary, and efficient in operation. Although there are innumerable building and housing codes throughout the country, there are some basic resources and documents that communities can utilize to bring their own codes to a satisfactory level. (See the section “Special Resources” below for details.)

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