Belmar, Lakewood, Colorado

A 103-acre site including a large mall which no longer operated well and had substantial parking areas, has been transformed into 22 urban-type blocks, based on a grid system, containing 880,000 square feet of retail space, 250,000 square feet of office space, 5000 public parking spaces, and 800 residential units both owner-occupied and rental, as well as two educational institutions and public plazas and parks as well as green spaces. Transportation to and from Denver was increased appropriately to meet the new and future demands. The diversity and attractiveness of the area as well as the ability to walk safely has already increased sales in the various stores and has created a perception of success.

City Centre, Houston, Texas

An obsolete mall property in the suburbs of Houston, Texas, was converted into a thriving community of offices, residential areas, and entertainment sources. The development has 700 residential units of all types. It is located at the intersection of major highways and is accessible to millions of people. It has 4000 spaces for parking but emphasizes pedestrian circulation through the entire area.

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