Young Child (2-6 Years)

The young child is involved in substantial mobile activities, which leads to an expansion of the area that the child normally resides in and the risk of exposure to environmental contaminants and injury causing accidents increases. Lead poisoning is a serious problem in children who eat foreign objects. This is an eating disorder called pica where kids will put paint chips from peeling areas inside the house into their mouth, chew on painted surfaces within the house, or eat dirt outside which may contain lead. The child spends considerably more time outdoors.

Younger School-Aged Child (6-12 Years)

The child spends more time outdoors, in school and after-school environments, and in sports activities. Outdoor air pollution becomes a serious concern. Normal outdoor activities could include the ingestion or inhalation of arsenic, mercury, and other environmental toxicants. There is a greater propensity for unregulated sports injuries. Football is particularly a potential contributor to numerous injuries in the present and future.

(The school environment will be discussed separately for all age groups.)

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