National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Centers for Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research studies the effects of environmental exposures on children’s health. It uses basic, applied, and community-based participatory research. The center’s long-range goals include stimulating new research and expanding existing research on the role of the environment and the causation of disease and dysfunction in children; developing unique intervention and prevention strategies; and using the knowledge for intervention and prevention of disease. The number of research grants given out throughout the country are simply too numerous and complex to discuss in a book of this nature. Some of the research areas include:

  • 1. Asthma symptoms related to maternal use of acetaminophen during pregnancy
  • 2. Phthalate exposure and children’s behavior and cognitive abilities
  • 3. Use of beauty chemicals by small girls in early puberty
  • 4. External exposure to urban air pollutants and children’s cognitive abilities
  • 5. Effects of environmental exposures on child health
  • 6. Bisphenol A and children’s health
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