State and Local

The following organizations are examples of state and local groups that work to prevent disease and injury and promote health, especially for children. The overall list of these organizations would be far too long for this presentation so therefore a small sample is being utilized. When working in a given state or local area, it is wise to contact the local or state health department, professional health associations, or regional EPA, to get a better understanding of the many organizations that work together to try to improve the environment of the child.

Improving Kids Environment (IKE)

Improving Kids Environment is a not-for-profit corporation based in Indianapolis, Indiana, that works to reduce environmental threats to children’s health and provides the family with information to protect children. It promotes practical means to remove or reduce recognized serious threats. It has been involved in helping provide funds to remove lead from properties where children live. It publishes information on various environmental health issues for children through a newsletter entitled Children’s Environmental Health Newsletter.

Michigan Network for Children's Environmental Health

The Michigan Network for Children’s Environmental Health is a coalition of health professionals, health-affected groups, environmental organizations, and others who are interested in reducing toxicity for children and improving their environment. The organizational members include state chapters of national organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and American Nurses Association; local and state health departments; local and state civic associations; children’s health associations; and other interested citizens.

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