National Safety Council—Environmental Health Center

The National Safety Council—Environmental Health Center is a unit of the National Safety Council that attempts to teach the public about significant environmental health risks and problems facing families and society. It uses a variety of activities and techniques including public education and outreach, emergency planning and management, and environmental journalism to protect against lead poisoning, radon gas, indoor air pollutants, and hazardous chemicals in the community and other environments where children live.

Natural Resources Defense Council, Children's Environmental Health Initiative

The National Resources Defense Council, Children’s Environmental Health Initiative is a division of the Natural Resources Defense Council, which works to reduce the potential for children to be subjected to various toxins. This group became focused on children’s environmental health problems because of the publication of a report entitled Intolerable Risk, Pesticides in Our Children’s Food. (See endnote 66.) The group works toward the elimination or reduction of hazardous substances in food, air, water, and other media.

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