Local Programs

King County, Washington

Despite the fact that King County, Washington, has worked diligently to try to improve the health of children through correction of environmental hazards, it is still an example of the problems found in children’s environmental health programs at the local level. The many issues that this local program has include the following:

  • • Isolated projects and programs with different funding are used instead of a coordinated delivery stream.
  • • There is no uniform way, across various governmental entities, to identify the needs of children to deal with environmental health issues.
  • • Funding for effective programs related to children has been severely diminished because of ongoing economic situations.
  • • Children’s environmental health programs typically do not provide billable fees.
  • • There is a lack of community knowledge and participation in children’s environmental health issues.
  • • There is a problem relating to the school districts because of unfunded mandates.
  • • There is a lack of local funding for children’s environmental health issues.
  • • There is a lack of knowledge by parents concerning the environmental health needs of the child.
  • • There is no comprehensive local needs assessment related to the environmental health of the child.
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