Healthy Children, Healthy Homes—North Miami, Florida

An educational program for nurses was developed in both English and Spanish in the general elementary school community in North Miami, Florida. A study had indicated that black and Latino children had worse problems with asthma and less use of preventive asthma medications than Caucasian children. (See endnote 69.) The study demonstrated the importance of identifying and developing effective preventive techniques for asthma by reducing exposure to indoor environmental asthma triggers such as dust mites, roaches, animal dander, and indoor tobacco smoke. The demonstration consisted of the use of a community-based asthma education program which expanded the knowledge of individuals to household asthma triggers and means of counteracting these triggers. The program was in both English and Spanish. Registered nurses provided two 90-minute educational sessions which were shared with 10 potential community contacts, both individuals and groups. The community leaders followed up on the presentations to the citizens. Elementary school children participated in much shorter educational sessions on asthma, asthma triggers, and asthma prevention. This effort appeared to have some success.

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