Environmental Protection Agency

The US EPA through its Outreach and Partnerships programs is: providing information and tools to the public such as the Children’s Health Podcast Series; supporting community actions to protect children through giving awards to individuals and communities who have successful children’s environmental health programs; helping increase the ability of healthcare providers to identify, prevent and reduce environmental health threats to children through grants and support; and working with states to develop programs to address children’s environmental health issues.

Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment

(See endnote 1)

The document Advancing Environmental Health in Childcare Settings—A Checklist for Child Care Practitioners and Public Health Inspectors (see endnote 1) is an excellent tool for environmental health practitioners and childcare practitioners in evaluating the environment of the childcare setting. The tool is used to understand the problems and help correct them in the areas of: outdoor air quality, outdoor areas, sun safety, indoor air quality and dust, cleaning and disinfection, activity, learning and play areas, kitchen and food preparation areas, areas of renovations, surrounding sources of chemical emissions, and general concerns about energy efficiency, conservation of water and promoting good environmental use. Special attention is paid to the problems of: outdoor air pollution, indoor and outdoor pesticide use, inadequate ventilation, dust especially contaminated with flame retardants, phthalates, mercury, lead, mold, radon, fragrances, and disinfecting/cleaning products.

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