Site Assessment for Schools and Preschools

Existing schools and preschools as well as planned schools and preschools must have a site assessment to determine if there is a potential for exposure to hazardous substances in the air, soil, and water. Specific existing problems and potential hazards should be eliminated as quickly as possible. For planned schools, if the site analysis identifies serious problems, the site should be changed.


Hazardous chemicals including laboratory and shop chemicals, pesticides, and cleaning compounds need to be removed from schools in an appropriate manner. Trained personnel should be involved in this task and not school children.

Injury Control Programs

Comprehensive injury control programs must be instituted for the school and preschool. Proper supervision of the children, evaluation of equipment used by the children, and evaluation of the overall environment, are essential.

School Environmental Health and Safety Inspection Program

The state of Ohio produced a school environmental health and safety inspection manual which can be used as a model for all states and localities for conducting comprehensive school inspections to reduce or remove children’s environmental health hazards. In March 2006, the state legislature passed a law that requires a more comprehensive health and safety inspection by local health department sanitarians. It also requires school districts to respond to the reports prepared by the local health departments and provide a written plan of abatement for all problems found.

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