Occupational Health Surveillance Program—New York Department of Health

New York State provides an Occupational Health Surveillance Program for workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths in various industries by providing epidemiologists, industrial hygiene professionals, special evaluators, and outreach specialists. They track patterns of work-related injury and illness at the fatalities. They investigate and intervene in situations to find appropriate means of correcting significant hazards. They monitor immediate and long-term health problems related to various occupational exposures. They provide education to the medical community and others in techniques for diagnosing of various illnesses and how best to treat them. They provide occupational health registries in a variety of areas including heavy metals, pesticide poisoning, occupational lung disease, etc. (See endnote 22.)

Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention Program—California OSHA

By law in California every employer has a legal obligation to the employees to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace. In keeping with this obligation, the California OSHA developed a manual that describes the employer’s responsibilities in establishing, implementing, and maintaining an employee injury and illness prevention program. The program consists of: fact-finding through specialized surveys; the establishment of the program including hazard assessment and control; the scope and nature of the management team; the investigation of all injuries; planning for rules and work procedures to prevent and control injuries; the communication of all necessary information to the workers; and practical training and generalized continuing education. (See endnote 23.)

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