Journal of Environmental Health

The Journal of Public Health (JEH) is a peer-reviewed technical journal that has been published for 78 years. The JEH provides an avenue for environmental practitioners and academics to publish articles on studies they have conducted that relate to the science of environmental health, safety, protection, and sustainability. The published articles provide a scientific resource base for the environmental health field, as well as for other related environmental fields including epidemiology, toxicology, industrial hygiene, and public health. The JEH provides authors with a needed medium to publish their research, thus offering professional development through publication. The JEH also provides its readership with much needed scientific findings and information on current practices and lessons learned, thus offering professional development through readership as well as providing a basis for developing Best Practices and determining competencies needed by personnel to carry out effectively these Best Practices. The JEH also publishes columns, guest commentaries, and news articles/information from the National Environmental Health Association that provide insight, knowledge, and resources on current issues in environmental areas.

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