Blake Medical Center, Bradenton, Florida

The chief executive officer encourages all employees to email him with questions, concerns, and suggestions including areas of safety. He receives more than 500 of these each month and after consulting with his senior team, he answers them personally. Many worthwhile ideas including those about safety are brought to his attention by the staff and he shares these with the management team for implementation. The money which has been saved by this hospital program is utilized to purchase new equipment while making the workplace safer.

The safety committee is made up not only of the safety professionals, and management and supervision personnel but also of 28 general employees from all departments of the hospital. One quarter of the committee members are replaced with new individuals each year, allowing for new ideas and new solutions. This allows every department and major unit to have representation on the committee and therefore their concerns are brought to the attention of the proper individuals and specific recommendations can be made to reduce problems that lead to disease and injury for employees and patients.

Precise data are collected on all incidents, especially on falls, to determine how they occurred and what interventions can be utilized to improve the situation and prevent injuries. This led to a decrease in falls in parking lots, when the bumpers that the car pulls up to were painted yellow. Also they discovered that 40% of the patient management injuries came from moving a patient up in bed. This was corrected by buying beds that can move, lift, and recline in more directions.

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