Lima Memorial Health System, Lima, Ohio

This institution joined the OSHA initiative called the Voluntary Protection Program. This program is for private industry, federal agencies, and local and state agencies and its function is to prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace by using worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control, intensive training and retraining where necessary, and excellent cooperation between management and staff. Because of the size of the community many of the individuals working at the institution know each other and each other’s families. They participate in many of the same extracurricular activities. This makes it far easier for individuals to discuss their concerns about safety at the institution and to share the passion for excellence in patient care and protection for the staff. All incidents that are investigated are examined with the thought of helping correct problems instead of blaming someone for what has occurred.

All new employees go through an intensive program prior to assignment. Safety is constantly taught and reinforced during this program. Refresher training, videos, demonstrations, handouts, and reminders are utilized to reinforce the message of safety at the institution.

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