Other Advanced Treatment Systems

(See endnote 12)

The problem with these systems is that they need a lot more maintenance than the typical septic tank system and if not done properly, they will not work well. Studies have shown design and construction flaws, loss of electricity, and difficulties caused by lightning, cold, and most significantly, homeowner abuse and neglect. Harsh cleaners, pharmaceuticals, solvents, paints, and other materials may disrupt the systems.

Fixed Film Method

In the fixed film method, the effluent from the septic tank is further treated in a special chamber that has permeable materials, either natural or synthetic. The surface area forms a biomat with aerobic organisms that processes the effluent and reduces the biosolids. At the bottom of the treatment chamber, the effluent is dispersed through the leaching field. In a recirculating system, the effluent may contain excess biomass which includes microorganisms which have fallen off of the filter medium and therefore is recycled through the process to clarify it further. By distributing the original effluent from the tank in special time doses, it allows the part of the system that is not dosed to recover and be more productive. Finally, accumulated sludge at the bottom has to be removed for safe disposal.

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