Special Toilets to Reduce Water Flow High-Efficiency Toilets

New toilets have to meet a high-efficiency water standard of 1.6 gallons per flush. This reduces the toilet water per flush by over 50% and total average usage within the property by 16%. This is accomplished by increasing the velocity of the flush water. Most of these toilets work very well.

Incineration Toilets

(See endnote 24)

The incineration toilet is a self-contained unit with the usual toilet seat connected to a holding tank and a gas-fired or electric unit to incinerate the waste products in the holding tank. This is used especially in rural areas with extremely poor ground conditions, where the weather is extremely cold, at roadside rest areas, for work crews, in ships, in areas where water is scarce, and where the level of seepage of contaminants into local water supplies is potentially very hazardous.

Composting Toilets

(See endnote 25)

Composting toilets may be used in rural and suburban areas which do not have sewers. This system which processes feces, urine, toilet paper, and sometimes garbage, depends on aerobic bacteria to break down the waste in unsaturated conditions. The remnants must be removed by a professional sewage hauler or buried. These units are especially good for reducing the quantity and strength of the wastewater and the remnants can be buried. Problems include the maintenance of the units, disposal of the end product, lack of maintenance, and creation of odors, and most of the units require some source of power.

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