Texas Commission on Environmental Quality—Public Water Supply Supervision Program

This program on public drinking water supply is part of the Texas Public Water Supply Supervision Program. It includes several actions: adopt, implement, and use drinking water rules at least as stringent as federal law; deliver all necessary data to the EPA; ensure that all water quality meets minimum standards, chemically and microbiologically; determine potential problems in source water and help public water systems counter these problems; review and approve all engineering plans for development or extension of water plant facilities; help communities increase their water available for public consumption; provide all technical assistance for homeland security issues; conduct all sanitary surveys of sources, treatment techniques, equipment, distribution systems, storage facilities, and pump facilities, and verify all data which has been provided by the facility and its operators; make sure that enforcement measures will be utilized if there are violations of the Clean Water Act standards; provide a licensing program for all public water system operators and necessary continuing education; provide a laboratory certification program for analysis of drinking water samples; and provide technical assistance where needed to help resolve critical problems of prevention, mitigation, and control relating to drinking water supplies, treatment, and distribution.

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