Bathing water quality

The EU has had rules relating to bathing water quality since the 1970s. Currently this area is governed by Directive 2006/7/EC concerning the management of bathing water quality. 54 It aims to preserve, protect, and improve the quality of the environment and to protect human health by complementing the WFD. It does this by laying down provisions for the monitoring and classification of bathing water quality, the management of such quality, and the provision of information to the public on bathing water quality. Bathing water—that is, any element of surface water where the competent authority expects a large number of people to bathe and has not imposed a permanent bathing prohibition, or issued permanent advice against bathing—shall, based on monitoring and assessment be classified in accordance with certain criteria as ‘poor’, ‘sufficient’, ‘good’, or ‘excellent’. Since the end of the 2015 bathing season all bathing waters shall be at least ‘sufficient’.

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