Strategies for Overcoming Obsessive Passion

Many of us had struggles in the past that wounded us to some extent. Most people have developed some degree of vulnerability and display some symptoms of obsessive passion. Remember that passion falls on a continuum, and the majority of us are somewhere in the middle. PROPEL is about helping us develop more harmonious passion in our lives. Two approaches have proven effective in helping individuals who are stuck in a struggle with themselves and others: corrective mirroring and self-compassion.

Corrective Mirroring

This self-directed approach involves correcting perceptions from the past and present. If you grew up believing you were deficient in some way, you’ll need to increase your awareness of positive feedback and develop a receptive attitude to improve your selfimage. Being in an affirming relationship with someone you trust to consistently offer this feedback is crucial, as is your willingness to accept their input. Setting aside time for several months for regular self-reflection on the occasions in which you appropriately used your strengths will enrich your self-image. In addition, visualizing how you will most effectively use your strengths to flourish in the future will be empowering.24

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