Legacy Exercise 2: Establishing a Coaching Relationship

Think of someone you know who has unrealized potential. Explore whether they may interested in getting some coaching to learn about what optimal functioning could look like in their life. Express your belief that he or she could develop into an even higher functioning performer. Specifically, ask questions such as the following:

Would you like to learn more about how to

  • ? Maintain passion for achieving positive outcomes?
  • ? Develop more collaborative relationships?
  • ? Persevere when you get discouraged?
  • ? Identify and use your best qualities?
  • ? Convert stress into constructive energy?
  • ? Empower others to be at their best?

Legacy Exercise 3: Developing a Coaching Relationship


To be an effective coach you must practice what you preach. What is the goal you’re striving to achieve? What do you need to learn in order to be able to grow your capabilities? Are you deliberately practicing a new behavior every day?

After working with someone for several sessions, evaluate the coaching relationship. Here are some criteria to judge whether or not you’re off to a solid start:

  • ? Did you agree on what goal the two of you will work toward?
  • ? Did you discuss how a growth mind-set enables goal attainment?
  • ? Did you agreed on new behaviors to be deliberately practiced?
  • ? Did those new behaviors result in making progress toward the goal?
  • ? Did you as the coach ask for feedback on how to improve the coaching process?

If these elements are established early, then the coaching has a high probability of success. Establish a routine of starting every meeting with a progress report and ending with a homework assignment.

For more information on how to apply the PROPEL Principles, visit: www. PROPELinstitute.com.

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