e-HRM functions

Electronic human resource planning

e-HRM systems offer mechanisms that facilitate the collection, restoration, and update of the existing data related to the knowledge, skills, and competences of the organization's employees and access to the data when required. This provides a faster and much more knowledgeable decisionmaking process should new initiatives are demanded by other departments within the organization (Hopkins & Markham, 2003: 57-58).

Electronic recruitment

Reducing the costs of recruitment and speeding up the process and access to a much broader job application pool are among the contributions of the use of the Internet in recruitment. These advantages of the use of the Internet increased the popularity of electronic recruitment among the human resource experts working in different sectors and expanded the use of electronic recruitment (Pearce & Tuten, 2001: 9). Technology is used not only in recruiting candidates to the organizations but also in selecting work activities for these candidates (Hogler, Henle, & Bemus, 1998: 152). Thus, it helps to provide a larger candidate pool and more effective recruitment process due to the shortening of the process and reducing of the costs of recruitment (Marchington & Wilkinson, 2005: 174).

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